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by Bret Heim - Last Updated Nov 4, 2015
Resources for business and finance, economics, marketing, etc.
Tags: accounting, business, business_ethics, companies, company, corporations, economics, entrepreneurs, finance, human resources, industry, international_business, investing, management, marketing, taxes
English Literature
by Amanda Collins, Bret Heim, Maura Mandyck - Last Updated Aug 27, 2015
British, American, & World Literature
by Bret Heim - Last Updated Aug 26, 2014
Resources for the study of philosophy, ethics, etc.
Tags: business_ethics, ethics, philosophers, philosophy_of_business, philosophy_of_law, philosophy_of_science, philosopy
Political Sciences
by Bret Heim - Last Updated Nov 5, 2015
This guide is designed to acquaint students in POL courses and majors in Political Science with basic information resources, concepts and research strategies used by professionals in the field.
Tags: foreign_affairs, foreign_relations, government, international_relations, policy, politics
by Bret Heim - Last Updated Oct 23, 2015
A guide to finding resources in theology and guides to specific resources and strategies for individual classes
Tags: catholic, christianity, ecotheology, forgiveness, islam, jesuits, judaism, new testament, paul, reconcilation, religion, sacraments, theology
United States History
by Bret Heim - Last Updated Oct 23, 2015
Customized guides to research for specific HIS courses
Tags: civil war, history, lincoln, politics, presidency, presidents, reconstruction, slavery, united states
Western Civilization--European History, Empire
by Bret Heim - Last Updated Feb 3, 2016
Customized guides to research for specific courses in Western civilization and European history
Tags: arthur, cathedrals, crusades, empire, england, enlightenment, europe, european_history, france, french_revolution, gothic, great_britain, medieval, middle_ages, napoleon, piracy, pirates, privateers, renaissance, spain, western_civilization

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