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Introduction to the Research Process: Help!

This guide will help you to complete any research project from start to finish!


   Overwhelmed?! Take it step-by-step. 

  1. Pick a topic to research. (See Research Assignments > Selection Strategies.)
  2. Explore online, in the databases, and in the library catalog. (See Searching Online, Searching Databases, Searching Books.)
  3. Choose the best sources for your needs. (See General Search Strategies > Evaluating Sources.)
  4. Create citations. (See Citations > Citation Tools and Citations > Basic Style Guides.)
  5. Create Works Cited Page or a Bibliography or a References List. (See Citations > Bibliographies.)
  6. Annotate your sources (if your instructor asks you to). (See Research Assignments > Annotated Bibliography.) 
  7. Quote from your sources within your paper. (Coming soon.) 

Instructional Librarians

Contact your librarians! We want to help!

Professor Bret Heim

Government Documents & Instruction Librarian

(251) 380-3875

Dr. Maura Mandyck

Educational Technology & Instruction Librarian

(251) 380-3873