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MISO Survey Results: 2012 Student Survey Findings

2012 Student Survey

2012 Student Survey

Of those surveyed, the student response rate was 42.8% 

Most important services

The survey asked students to rate the importance of various services to them.  The following were the 10 services rated either "Ïmportant" or "Very Important"by the highest percentage of students:

  • BadgerWeb Academics (e.g. course registration, degree audits)
  • Performance of wireless access on campus
  • Campus printers
  • Virus protection
  • Availability of wireless access on campus
  • E-mail services
  • Public computers in the library
  • BadgerWeb (SHC Community portal)
  • Physical comfort in the library (e.g. seating, lighting)
  • Quiet work space in the library 

Highest satisfaction

The survey also asked students to rate their satisfaction with various services.  The following 10 services received the highest number of "Satisfied" or "Somewhat Satisfied" ratings:

  • Study carrels in the library
  • Group study spaces in the library
  • Online 24/7 reference
  • Overall library service
  • Library circulation services
  • Library reference services
  • Quiet work space in the library
  • Library research instruction for academic courses
  • Library support for your scholarly research
  • Interlibrary loan 

Most Important Services for Students, 2012

Services with Highest Student Satisfaction, 2012