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A guide to ebooks at Spring Hill College's Burke Library

Additional Information

See these Wikipedia pages for more information about e-readers and e-books:

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Guide to Ebook Formats

  • azw format
    Amazon's proprietary DRM restricted format is used solely for Kindle e-readers.
  • BBeB Book
    BBeB (Broad Band eBook) is the proprietary e-book format developed by Sony and Cannon. BBeB filed include the following extensions: LRF, LRS, LRX. However, in 2010 Sony switched to epub as the default format for their e-book store.
  • EPUB
    An open e-book standard created by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). Features reflowable text, inline images, and supports DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected e-books. The latest version is EPUB3 (2011).
  • mobi
    A format primarily designed for PDAs and smart phones. Allows access to DRM and non-DRM content. Epub format can also be converted easily into mobi format. In 2012, Amazon stopped using mobi and started using KF8 ("Kindle Fire 8").
  • PDF
    PDF, or Portable Document format, was created in the early 90s as a document sharing format. It is best for highly formatted content, images, and has the ability to support DRM (Digital Rights Management) content.

Calibre Ebook Manager and Format Converter

Have an e-book but can't read it on your e-reader?

Calibre is a free e-book format converter. It allows you to organize, re-format, and manage your e-book collection on your computer.

Note: Calibre does not remove DRM protection from e-books.

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