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A guide to ebooks at Spring Hill College's Burke Library


Some of the Burke Library's e-books are protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management) systems.    

DRM systems control the use of digital content, such as downloadable songs, DVDs and CDs, games, and of course, e-books.

Databases containing DRM-protected e-books are: 

To download DRM-protected library e-books, you need Adobe® Digital Editions (ADE) software.  

  • ADE allows you to download and read material protected by DRM, as well as to purchase digital content which can be read online and offline
  • ADE supports industry-standard e-book formats, such as EPUB, Mobi, and HTML

  • As of Spring 2011, ADE is also available in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese Simplified, and Chinese Traditional (and more will be added)

  • Here is the list of e-devices that are compatible with ADE (note: this list isn't complete; e.g., it doesn't list iPad).  

To download a DRM-protected book to your e-device, follow these steps in this order:

  1. Download ADE software [free]onto your personal computer
  2. Download the e-book to your personal computer
  3. During install, *do* choose to "authorize" your computer with a free Adobe ID- this lets you download DRM-protected books to your e-device
  4. Sync the computer with your e-device
  5. Transfer the e-book from your computer to your e-device


  • ADE does NOT support any Amazon Kindle e-readers
  • This means that you CAN'T download any DRM-protected book onto a Kindle, UNLESS you are able to use a non-ADE DRM intermediary (ex. Some e-books may be read on the Kindle Fire using the Bluefire APP).

Adobe Digital Editions

This video will explain what Adobe Digital Editions is and why you need it. It will also walk you through the steps to download and install the free software on your computer.

How to Upload Ebooks to Electronic Devices

This video will show you how to transfer a downloaded e-book from your computer to an e-reader using Adobe Digital Editions (ADE). 

The five basic steps for uploading an e-book to an e-reader are:

1. Connect your e-reader to your computer using its USB cable.

2. Download an e-book to your computer and save it in Adobe Digital Editions.

3. Open Adobe Digital Editions and your e-reader will automatically appear in your ADE library

4."Grab and Drag" the e-book to your e-reader. Congratulations! The uploaded e-book is now on your e-reader.

5. Safely eject your e-reader from your computer and you will see the uploaded e-book within your device.


Help for specific e-readers:  NOTE- YouTube offers many good videos on how to upload e-books onto different e-readers.

Downloading Ebooks to Library Computers


On a Library Computer: 

Some of our ebooks can be viewed ONLY on a laptop or a desktop computer and may not be downloaded into a separate reader.

Some of our e-books can be downloaded ONLY to a laptop, but no other device (like an e-reader, tablet, or smartphone).

Here is more information about Downloading E-books.

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