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A guide to ebooks at Spring Hill College's Burke Library

Why Does EZProxy Come Up Even on Campus?

With eBrary ONLY the EZ Proxy Login is needed whether you are on campus or off because it is also the login for eBrary. By logging into EZ Proxy you are also logging into your eBrary account.

Why Can't I Save a Copy of the Entire Document?

An ebrary reader delivers documents to your desktop page by page. Page-by-page delivery eliminates time-consuming downloads and provides copyright protection for publishers.

You can, however, place documents in your ebrary bookshelf to access at a later time; saving all highlights, notes and inserted hyperlinks.

Where Can I Find My Bookshelf?

Click the Bookshelf tab at the top of any ebrary page.

I Cannot See The Document I Clicked On -- Why Do I Just See White Space?

eBrary displays the document as it was originally printed, so blank pages might appear throughout the document. Documents often begin and end with blank pages. Click ahead or back in the document to ensure you are not just on a blank page in the document.

Does eBrary Support Boolean and Proximity Search?

Yes, you can use Boolean or proximity searches. Type the Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) and proximity operator (WITHIN) in CAPS.

eBrary Help Links

Quick Start Guide -- a general overview of using the eBrary collection.

eBrary Help Guide -- a searchable compendium of information on how to use ebooks within the eBrary collection.

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