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A guide to finding resources in theology. Guides to specific resources and strategies for individual classes. Taking class online? Limit database searches to "full-text" and Library catalog searches to "Ebooks."


The Anchor Bible. BS 192.2 .A1 v. 1-38 Reference Fl. 1

A book-by-book translation and exegesis of the Hebrew Bible,
the New Testament, and the Apocrypha

The New Interpreter’s Bible. BS 491.2 .N 484 1994 v. 1-12  Reference Fl. 1

Presents leading biblical scholarship through an in-depth commentary
on the complete Bible. Contributors are leading biblical scholars who
bring a wealth of fresh perspectives to biblical interpretation.

The New Jerome Biblical Commentary. BS 491.2 .N485 1990 Reference Fl. 1

Verse-by-verse survey of the Bible. Examines the scientific, literary, and
historical content of Scripture, and reflects the exegetical diversity within
the community of Roman Catholic teachers.

Commentaries on the Pentateuch

see also detailed research guide for Pentateuch Studies

Gospel of Matthew (Print only). Daniel J. Harrington, SJ.
BS2575.3 .H37 1991 Reference, Fl. 1 

Gospel of Mark. John R. Donahue, SJ, and Daniel J. Harrington, SJ

Gospel of Luke (Print only). Luke Timothy Johnson, Daniel J. Harrington, SJ.
BS2595.3 .J64 1991 Reference, Fl. 1

Gospel of John. Francis J. Moloney, SDB.

Acts of the Apostles (Print only).  Luke Timothy Johnson.
BS2625.3 .J64 1992, Fl. 2

Romans. Brendan Byrne, SJ.

1 Corinthians. Raymond Collins.

2 Corinthians. Jan Lambrecht, SJ.

Galatians (Print only).  Frank J. Matera.

Philippians; Philemon. Bonnie B. Thurston and Judith Ryan

Colossians; Ephesians. Margaret Y. MacDonald.

First and Second Thessalonians (Print only). Earl J. Richard.
  BS2725.3 .R53 1995, Fl. 2

Hebrews. Alan C. Mitchell.

James. Patrick J. Hartin.

1 Peter; Jude; 2 Peter. Donald P. Senior, CP, and Daniel J. Harrington, SJ

1, 2, and 3 John. John Painter.

Revelation (Print only). Wilfrid J. Harrington, OP. BS2825.3 .H335 1993 Fl. 2

All OT volumes located at BS 704 .A53 Reference, Fl. 1 unless otherwise indicated

Key writings of the living voices of the early church fathers as they engage the sacred Scripture.

Genesis 1-11. v. 1

Genesis 12-50. v. 2

Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy. v. 3

Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon. v. 9 Ebook

Isaiah 1-39. v. 10 Ebook

The Twelve Prophets. v. 14

All NT volumes located at BS 1904 .A53 Reference, Fl. 1 unless otherwise indicated

Matthew 1-13. v. 1/a

Matthew 14-28. v. 1/b

Mark. v. 2

Luke. v. 3

Romans. v. 6

1-2 Corinthians. v. 7

Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians. v. 8 

Colossians, 1-2 Thessalonians, 1-2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon. v. 9

James, 1-2 Peter, 1-3 John, Jude. v. 11

     Berit Olam Series (Liturgical Press)
     Commentaries on the Pentateuch
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        see also detailed research guide for Pentateuch Studies

Feminist Bible Criticism from the SHC Library catalog

     su:BIble feminist criticism

Full List of Feminist BIble Companions

Individual Writers

     Athalya Brenner

     Amy Jill-Levine

     Elisabeth Schussler-Fiorenza

Feminist Companions to the New Testament and Early Christian Writings (Amy-Jill Levine)

Feminist Companion to Matthew. BS 2575.52 .F45 2001 Fl. 2

Feminist Companion to Mark. BS 2585.52 .F45 2001 Fl. 2

Feminist Companion to Luke. BS 2595.52 .F45 2002 Fl. 2

Feminist Companion to John. BS 2615.52 .F46 2003 v. 1-2. Fl. 2

Here are the three main patterns for searching the SHC Library catalog by subject:

su:[name of book] AND commentaries
su:[name of book] AND criticism
su:[name of book] AND theology


su:Genesis AND theology
su:Pentateuch AND commentaries
su:Gospels AND commentaries

su:John AND commentaries 
su:John AND criticism
su:John AND theology