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Freshman English 121 Library Instruction

What IS Information Literacy?

Information literacy has three key attributes which we try to embody in our curriculum, making it:

   • Transitional
   • Transferable
   • Transformational

Transition occurs in learners who enter the College from a wide variety of backgrounds, but often need to make the transition from high school to higher education. They also have to make the transition from dependent to autonomous learning.

Information literacy needs to be transferable, forming a part of wholistic education, not simply ‘library training.’

Information literacy fosters and develops appropriate behavior, approaches, cognitive functions and skills surrounding the use of information.

In essence information literacy equips students with the capacity to generate strategies for dealing with new information contexts, for example when they leave higher education and enter the workplace.

Finally, information literacy should be transformational for the learner, changing their attitudes, behaviors, outlook and even their world‐view. Therefore information literacy has the potential to change lives and make a real difference to society.