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SHC Discovery: Your SHC Library Account

Accessing your Library Account

Your Library Account is stored within the Library Catalog, which is SHC Discovery.  You can access SHC Discovery and your Library Account here:

Logging in the First Time

The first time that you login to SHC Discovery, you will need your SHC BadgerWeb campus ID number.  

Your Username is your SHC BadgerWeb campus ID number, which is found in the Personal Information > Biographical Information section of your BadgerWeb account.  For the example student Inigo de Loyola, his BadgerWeb campus ID number can be found by navigating to his profile in the top right corner.  Select your account and a window will appear that allows you to select "My Profile and Settings":

Sample student BadgerWeb welcome screen

Once you are on your Profile screen, locate your Campus ID number at the top of the page.  You will need this number, minus the leading zeros, to set up or reset your password.

Sample BadgerWeb Profile for student Inigo

Setting / Re-setting your Password

Once you have your SHC BadgerWeb campus ID number, you will migrate to the Discovery Sign In button, or click on the image below.  Select the "Set/reset password" link from the bottom of the box.

SHC Discovery My Account Login

At the "Set/reset password" screen, shown below, enter your 6 digit SHC BadgerWeb campus ID number as your Username.  Click "Request new password."  

Current students, staff, and faculty will have either a 5 or 6 digit ID number.  DO NOT use the leading zeros in this field.

SHC My Account Request New Password Screen

An email will be sent to your SHC BadgerWeb email that will allow you to set your password.  Once the password is set, you can login to your Library Account.

Using Your Library Account

Library Account Profile SummaryOnce you have logged in, you will be able to view your Library Account. 

Your Library Account contains:

  • Checked Out: Items that are currently attached to your account
  • Requested Items: Items that you have placed a hold for that you have not yet picked up and checked out.
  • Fees: Any fees associated with your Library Account due to late materials or missing library items.
  • Saved Items: Items saved to your account in Discovery.  You can save items and reference them in future.
  • Saved Lists: Lists of materials that you can create, edit, and delete.  If you are working on a large project, Lists are once helpful way to gather and store related materials in a single location.
  • Saved Searches: Discovery allows you to save searches so that you can revisit them at future date.  You can choose limits for item type, databases, and sort options.
  • View Profile: Your Profile has your personal information.  You do have the option to turn on and off Library notifications that you receive via email and text messages.  In your Profile, you can also edit or update contact information as well as change or update your password.
  • Sign Out: When you are done with your session, please remember to log out of your Library Account to keep your data secure.

Library Account homepage preview