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Resources for the study of philosophy, ethics, etc.

Philosophy Inquiry Guide

Comprehensive Online Sources

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Oxford Companion to Philosophy. Edited by Ted Honderich.

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (peer-reviewed)

The Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy.
   3rd. ed. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2015.

Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy. Edited by Simon Blackburn.
   B 41 .B53 1994 Reference Fl. 1

Comprehensive Print Sources

Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
    B 51 .R68 1998, vols. 1-10  REFERENCE FL. 1

Biographical Dictionary of Twentieth-Century Philosophers. Routledge, 1996.
   B 104 .B5 1996  Reference Fl. 1   Ebook version

Detailed accounts of the lives, works, influence and reception of thinkers from all
the major philosophical schools and traditions of the twentieth-century

Time Periods, Schools of Philosophy (search also on names of philosophers)

Concise Encyclopedia of Western Philosophy

Biographical Dictionary of Twentieth Century Philosophers

Ancient Philosophy

The Blackwell Guide to Ancient Philosophy. Blackwell, 2003.
   B 171 .B65 2003 Reference FL. 1

Comprehensive treatment of the principal figures and movements of philosophy
from its origins before Socrates, through the achievements of Plato and Aristotle,
into its final developments in late antiquity.

The Cambridge Companion to Early Greek Philosophy. Cambridge, 1999.
   B 188 .C35 1999 Reference FL. 1

Medieval Philosophy

The Cambridge Companion to Medieval Philosophy. Cambridge, 2003.
   B 721 .C36 2003 Reference FL. 1

Eastern Philosophy

Encyclopedia of Eastern Philosophy and Religion. Shambhala, 1994.
   BL 1005 .L4813 1994 Reference FL. 1

Arabic Philosophy

Islamic Philosophy

The Cambridge Companion to Arabic Philosophy. Cambridge, 2005.
   B 741 .C36 2005 Reference FL. 1

Inspired by Greek philosophical works and the indigenous ideas of Islamic theology,
Arabic philosophers from the ninth century onwards put forward ideas of great philosophical
and historical importance.

Early Modern Philosophy

A Companion to Early Modern Philosophy. Blackwell, 2002.
B 801 .C66 2002 Reference FL. 1

Edited by well-regarded scholars, these single volume quick references deal with individual persons
and their intellectual - creative output. They may also cover periods of history, particular events,
intellectual movements, and specific topics within a discipline.

The Dictionary of Twentieth-Century British Philosophers. Continuum, 2005.

The Dictionary of Twentieth-Century British Philosophers. Continuum, 2005.

Sample Individual Philosophers*

The Cambridge Companion to Aristotle. Cambridge, 1995.
B 485 .C35 1996 Reference FL. 1

The Cambridge Companion to Ockham. Cambridge, 1999.
B 765 .O34 C36 1999 Reference FL. 1

The Cambridge Companion to Locke. Cambridge, 1994.
B 1297 .C29 1997 Reference FL. 1

The Cambridge Companion to Hobbes. Cambridge, 1996.
B 1247 .C26 1996 Reference FL. 1

*The Library has Cambridge and/or Blackwell Companions for nearly every philosopher and school of philosophy.
Check the library catalog or browse the Reference shelves.

Search also on terminology of particular aspects of philosophy

Philosophy of Science

Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Science. Routledge, 2008.
    Q175 .R68 2008 REFERENCE FL. 1

Guide to the major themes, debates, problems and topics in philosophy of science.

Companion to Environmental Philosophy. Blackwell, 2001.
    GE40 .C66 2001 REFERENCE FL. 1

Philosophy of Law

Blackwell Guide to the Philosophy of Law and Legal Theory.
   Blackwell, 2005. K235 .B58 2005 REFERENCE FL. 1

A critical survey of the central themes and issues of the philosophy of law.

Oxford Handbook of Jurisprudence and Philosophy of Law. Oxford, 2002.
    K230 .O95 A36 2002 REFERENCE FL. 1

Philosophy of Education

Blackwell Guide to the Philosophy of Education. Blackwell, 2003.
   LB14.7 .B57 2003 REFERENCE FL. 1

Philosophers chart the development of philosophy of education
in the twentieth century and point to significant questions for its future.

Philosophy of  Language

Blackwell Guide to the Philosophy of Language.  Blackwell, 2006.
    P107 .B58 2006 REFERENCE FL. 1

Analytic Philosophy and Philosophy of Mind

Companion to Analytic Philosophy. Blackwell, 2005.
    B808.5 .C555 2005  REFERENCE FL. 1

Philosophy of Mind : a Guide and Anthology. Oxford, 2004.
    BD418.3 .P448 2004 REFERENCE FL. 1

Classical and contemporary readings in the philosophy of mind.

Economics, Political Economy

The Elgar Companion to Economics and Philosophy. Elgar, 2004.

investigates the idea of economics or political economy as political philosophy