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ENG 190 Honors Composition & Literature

Pleasure Reading

“If you don’t like to read you haven’t found the right book.” ~ J. K. Rowling

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Find Your Next Favorite Book

Good Reading Habits

  • The first and most sacred tenet: 30 minutes a day (minimum)!
  • Keep a list of the books you have read. When you finish a book, write down the title, the author's name, and the date you finished it in a notebook dedicated to this purpose.  
  • Keep a list of books to read next, maybe in a cart on amazon or a bookbag on the public library website.
  • If you are reading something that you don't really enjoy, don't keep reading it. A rule of thumb might be that if you are 60 pages in and not loving it, put the book aside and find something else to love!
  • Outside of the classroom, find or create a distraction-free zone. Turn off the Internet, the phone, even the music, and focus on reading for pleasure.
  • Expand the time you spend reading for pleasure. Is there a "down" time of the day when you can do some reading?  Be especially conscious of your screen time, which will crowd out your reading time...