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Political Sciences

This guide is designed to acquaint students in POL courses and majors in Political Science with basic information resources, concepts and research strategies used by professionals in the field.

Using the Library Online Catalog


In addition to Ebooks,

The library online catalog is a searchable database of all of the books in Burke Library.

It offers many retrieval options including key words, topics,  titles, and other options to find material the Library owns.

Clicking on "View Description" uncovers linkages and connections to related or better-focused topics.

Basic Patterns for Subject Searching

You'll be able to make the most of your library catalog searches if you learn to use some basic patterns:


Foreign relations


United States AND foreign relations AND [country or region]

sample:  United States AND foreign relations AND Iran


[country] AND economic conditions
[country] AND foreign relations
[country] AND politics and government
[country] AND social conditions

sample:  Iraq AND politics and government

American National Government Policy

[topic] AND United States
[topic] AND government policy
[topic] AND history
[topic} AND political aspects
[topic} AND economic aspects


samples:  immigration AND government policy
                alien labor AND economic aspects