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Political Sciences

This guide is designed to acquaint students in POL courses and majors in Political Science with basic information resources, concepts and research strategies used by professionals in the field.

American Government and Politics

Liberty, Equality, Rights, and Self-government

The Congress in the Constitution

The Presidency in the Constitution

The Judiciary in the Constitution

The Bill of Rights


The Presidency

Bureaucracy and the Administrative State

State and Local Government

Domestic Public Policy

National Security, Foreign Policy


Slavery and Moral Relativism

Lincoln as Statesman and the End of Slavery

Civil Rights and Reconstruction

Criticism of the Declaration of Independence

The New Deal and the Great Society

Progressivism and the Constitution

Parties, Elections, and Campaigns

Civic Participation, Public Opinion

Associations and Interest Groups

The First Amendment and the Media

The Civil Rights Movement

Recent Progressive Movements

Major Supreme Court Decisions

Recent Debates about Equality

Primary Sources

The Federalist Papers

The Founders Online (National Archives)

Writings and correspondence of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams (and family), Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison.

100 Milestone Documents 1776-1965 (National Archives)