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Archives: Digital Collections of Spring Hill College: Student Literary Publications

Student Literary Publications

The Spring Hill College Student Literary Publications is a collection that includes the Spring Hill Review, Spring Hill Quarterly, and the early editions of The Springhillian.  Student literary works include essays, poetry, and other writings.  

Included in the collection, you will find:

  • College Album: March 1891
  • The Spring Hill Review: 1899 - 1909
  • The Springhillian, New Series: 1910 - 1923
  • Spring Hill Quarterly: 1938 - 1941

From the 1891 college album, an image of campus near Lucey Hall

Cover of College Album 1891
Front Page of the Spring Hill Review
Page of the 1900 Spring Hill Review
Page of the 1899 Spring Hill review
Front page of the springhillian from 1914
Cover page of the 1905 spring hill review
Page of the 1908 spring hill review