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Resources for business and finance, economics, marketing, etc.

Supply Chain Management Databases

The following library databases have a high concentration of journal articles, news articles, and trade publications that focus on supply chain management topics and issues.

Company Analyst Reports

NAICS and SIC Codes

NAICS and SIC codes help classify and measure activity by industry and sector. Knowing the code for your industry will help you find reports, articles, and other information on that industry.  The Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system will eventually replace the NAICS (North American Industry Classification System).

Although codes are standardized, codes can be assigned differently.  Individual companies may have more than one codes if their business operations fall into more than one sector.  It is probable that more than one code will need to be searched when researching a segment of industry.

Locate an industry code by searching by keyword:

If you know the company that you want to research, you can use NAICS and SIC codes to locate the company.  Some of the best bets databases are:

If you need to convert one code type to another, you can use the NAICS crosswalk tool to convert code numbers.

Prices & Price Indexes

Supply Chain Management Organizations

Supply Chain Management Web Resources