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Archives & Special Collections: Archival Collections

Using the Collections

The Archives are located on the 2nd Floor of Burke Memorial Library on the campus of the college.  Archival materials do not circulate.  Researchers who wish to work with archival materials remotely may contact the Archives & Special Collections with the nature and scope of their research. Requests are processed in the order they are received, typically within 5 business days. Many of the college's publications are available to researchers online; visit the Digital Collections section of the Archives & Special Collections for more information.

Collections Scope

The Archives and Special Collections house a wide variety of materials across formats. The Index below will provide an overview of the materials available.  Not all materials are fully cataloged and easily accessible.  If you have a particular research interest, please reach out to the Archives directly.

Collections in the Spring Hill College Archives & Special Collections

Jesuit Community & History

    Albert Sidney "Steve" Foley Jr., S. J. Papers
    Jesuit House Diaries

College Administration & Departments

    Academic Departments

Campus Facilities & College Events

    Buildings / Facilities
    Special Events

Student Life

    Student Government    
    Student Activities

College Publications

    Student Newspaper: The Springhillian
    College Catalogs
    Student Yearbook: The Corsair, The Azalean, The Arx, and The Torch
    Alumni Directories
    SHC Student Literary Publications: College Album, The Spring Hill Review, The Springhillian New Series, and The Spring Hill Quarterly

Art and Objects

    3D Objects

Mobile History Collection

    The Mobile History Collection is a non-circulating collection. Contact the Archives for additional information.