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Library Instruction: For Instructors


Build an Information, Media, and Library Literate Student!

♦ Choose any Library Lesson, and a librarian will come to your class and teach a lesson constructed on the principles of Backward Design (what students need to KNOW, to UNDERSTAND, and to BE ABLE TO DO). Online lessons are also available upon request.  ♦ Also, if you have a smaller group of students needing extra instruction in any of the topics covered here, either in addition to a class visit or in lieu of one, a librarian will instruct them outside of class time (five or more students, please, for small group sessions).  
♦ Each lesson can be tailored to your course and assignments, can take the full course period or just a portion, and if you like, the learning will be assessed, even graded, by the librarian.  

Engage your students with the Certificate Program! Certification in Information, Media and Library Literacy looks great on a resume! 

Need a lesson not covered here? Want more information? Contact usClick here for a printable list of lessons and below left for Information, Media & Library Literacy: A Guide to Instruction.