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Library Instruction: Introduction


Spring Hill College seeks to provide students with the library instruction they need for academic success, as well as preparing them to graduate with the information and media literacy skills that will help them be good citizens and lifelong learners.

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The Information Literate Student

The student who is information, media, and library literate can be expected to:

  • Recognize an information need and understand the best resources for addressing that need

  • Identify and evaluate the appropriateness and usefulness of a wide range of source types

  • Knowledgeably search for, collect, and curate resources in order to deeply understand a topic, issue, or question

  • Successfully navigate the 21st century media landscape, to include bringing critical reading and thinking skills to bear on news and information sources of all kinds

  • Make thoughtful and confident use of all library resources, including print and digital materials, academic databases, and library supports such as Research Guides, Interlibrary Loan, etc.

  • Ethically consume and share information, and contribute content and meaning to both scholarly and public discourse 

  • Graduate with the knowledge, skills, and habits of mind necessary to succeed and to serve