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Television, Art, and Images--MLA 8

Television shows, specific episode that you watched on television or DVD:

“Pretty Much Dead Already.” The Walking Dead, written by Scott M. Gimple, directed by

Michelle MacLaren, AMC, 27 Nov. 2011.




“Episode title.” Series title, writer of episode, director of episode, studio/producer, original air


Television shows, specific episode that you watched on a streaming service:

"Da Boom." Family Guy, season 2, episode 3, Fox Broadcasting Company, 26 Dec. 1999.





“Episode title.” Series title, season #, episode #, studio/producer, original air date. Name of

streaming service, url.

Artwork that you found online:

Wise, Fred. Parkside. 2000. Fred Wise Studio, Atlanta. Fred Wise Studio, Accessed 12 July 2017.




Artist's name. Name of the work. Date of creation. Institution, City where the work is housed.

Name of website, url. Date of access.

Image you found using Google Images:

Jenike, S. David. Photograph of Cincinnati Zoo’s baby hippo, Fiona. HuffPost. 17 Mar. 2017,





Creator’s Last name, First name. “Title of the digital image.” Title of the website, Publisher,

Publication date, URL.


Note: In the example above, the image did not have a title, so I described it instead and left off the quotation marks. The website and the publisher are the same, so I omitted the publisher name.


Example without a named photographer:


Tracking map for Tropical Storm Cindy. Digital image. Weather Underground, The Weather

Company, 21 June 2017,

Image from website:

McGinley, Tara. "The Sad Truth: Nauseatingly Profound Illustrations of What the World Is

Turning into." DangerousMinds, 21 Aug. 2015,

s_of_what_the_world_is_turn>.  Accessed 28 Aug. 2015.