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Spirit of Inquiry Help Page

The Spirit of Inquiry Help Page is intended as a general introduction to the process of inquiry and also as a support for classes both on and off-campus. 


Click here for the Introduction to the Research Process LibGuide. 

"The world is but a school of inquiry." ~ Michel de Montaigne

A person possessed of a Spirit of Inquiry is continually seeking to know more, to learn more broadly and understand more deeply, to think both critically and creatively, and to make connections between ideas, disciplines, cultures, perspectives, and peoples.

A Spirit of Inquiry arises naturally from the Jesuit tradition of  "cura personalis"--that is, a care for the spiritual, social and intellectual growth of each person--and flows readily into Spring Hill College's mission of helping students become leaders in service to others. Active curiosity, diligent pursuit of knowledge, and meticulous use of information are all part of a Spirit of Inquiry.

Inquiry is larger than information literacy, although good information literacy skills serve inquiry well. And inquiry goes beyond research methods, although conscientious habits of research help to extend both the process and eventual products of inquiry.

A person with a Spirit of Inquiry will delight in learning over the course of a lifetime, and can be expected to contribute meaningfully to the world.