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Integration at Spring Hill College: SHC and the Civil Rights Movement

Night Riders Visit Spring Hill

Photo Courtesy of Spring Hill College Archives and Special Collections

Klan Effigy at College Gate

Mobile Students Interracial Council

Students formed the Mobile Students Interracial Council from several high schools and colleges. Fr. Foley was involved with its creation and the creation of interracial groups on Spring Hill's campus.

Below are the meeting minutes of the first two unofficial meetings of the Mobile Students Interracial Council, as well as a letter from Fr. Foley discussing the topic of creating interracial clubs on Spring Hill's campus.

The Springhillian As A Voice

At the end of the Sixties, Black students at Spring Hill College began to ask for a stronger voice and presence in campus activities, the Springhillian became the voice of many. 


Below are Springhillian articles relating to the organizing of Black History Week at SHC:

Books in the Library on Civil RIghts