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These things have been written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing you may have life in His name

Dictionary of Fundamental Theology. Rene Latourelle, ed. BT 1102 .D5813 REFERENCE

Probably the best place to begin. See section I 'Fundamental Christology'
and section IV 'Christology : Various Approaches'

The Modern Theologians. BT 28 .M59 1997  Reference Fl. 1

use index under 'Christology' for Christology of various theologians

The Cambridge Companion to Jesus. BT 301.2 .C346 2001 Reference Fl. 1

Among others, see chapter 'Jesus in Christian Doctrine'

Encyclopedia of Religion. BL 31 .E46 1987 vol. 8  Reference Fl. 1

see entry for 'Jesus--Christological developments'

New Catholic EncyclopediaBX 841 .N44 2003  Reference Fl. 1

see entries for 'Christology' vol. 3  and
'Jesus Christ (in theology)' vol. 7

Anchor Bible Dictionary. BS 440 .A54 1992 Reference Fl. 1

see entry for 'Christology' in vol. 1

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Jesus Christ Person and Offices

Jesus Christ History of doctrines

     --Early Church (30-600)

See also research guide for Apostolic Fathers

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