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A guide to finding resources in theology. Guides to specific resources and strategies for individual classes. Taking class online? Limit database searches to "full-text" and Library catalog searches to "Ebooks."

Primary Sources for Theology

Major Documents of the Second Vatican Council

World Council of Churches Papers, 1910-present


Canons and Decrees of the Council of Trent

Complete Works of St. John of the Cross (Internet Archive)

Dark Night of the Soul (transl. Benedict Zimmermann, OCD)

Spiritual Canticle (transl. Benedict Zimmermann, OCD)

Teresa of Avila

Interior Castle (Transl. Benedictines of Stanbrook. Internet Archive)

The Way of Perfection


Selected Works of Martin Luther (Project Wittenberg)

Selected Works of John Calvin

Institutes of the Christian Religion v. 1

Institutes of the Christian Religion v. 2

Institutes of the Christian Religion v. 3




Annales de la propagation de la foi recueil périodique de l'Association de la Propagation de la Foi.

Sacred Texts of World Religions