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Pentateuch-The Five Books of Moses שְׁמַע יִשְׂרָאֵל יְהוָה אֱלֹהֵינוּ יְהוָה אֶחָֽד

Pentateuch Criticism

EBooks about the Pentateuch

Barton, John, and John Muddiman. The Pentateuch. Oxford Bible Commentary.
     Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010.

Reading the Pentateuch

Ska, Jean Louis, and Pascale Dominique. Introduction to Reading the Pentateuch. Winona Lake,
     Ind.: Eisenbrauns, 2006.

Studies in Hebrew Narrative and Poetry

Major Sets

The Anchor Bible. BS 192.2 .A1 v. 1-38 Reference Fl. 1

       A book-by-book translation and exegesis of the Hebrew Bible,
      See especially:

 Exodus. William Propp. Vol. 2, pts. 1-2

              Leviticus. Jacob Milgrom. Vol 3, pts. 1-3.

              Numbers. Baruch Levine. Vol 4, pts. 1-2

              Deuteronomy. Moshe Weinfeld. Vol. 5

The New Interpreter’s Bible. BS 491.2 .N 484 1994 v. 1-12  Reference Fl. 1

       Presents leading biblical scholarship through an in-depth commentary
       on the complete Bible.

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Brenner, Athalya. A Feminist Companion to Genesis. Sheffield Academic Press, 1999.


Brueggemann, Walter, Deuteronomy. Abingdon, 2001

Craigie, Peter. The Book of Deuteronomy. Eerdmans, 1976.


Douglas, Mary. Leviticus as Literature. Oxford, 1999.

Brueggemann, Walter. Genesis. Westminster John Knox Press, 2010.
Fretheim, Terence E. Exodus. Westminster John Knox Press, 2010.
Olson, Dennis T. Numbers. Westminster John Knox, 2012.
Miller, Patrick D. Deuteronomy. Westminster John Knox, 2012.


The Torah : A Modern Commentary. New York: Union of American Hebrew Congregations, 1981. 
     BS 1225.3 .P55 1981  Reference, Fl. 1

Masoretic text (ATLA)

Samaritan Pentateuch (ATLA)

Pentateuch Criticism Jewish

EBooks about the Septuagint


Kabbalistic interpretations of the Pentateuch

History of Pentateuch Criticism

Sample Journal Article Searches in ATLA

“Priestly” document  (ATLA)

“Documentary” hypothesis  (ATLA)

“Yahwist”  (ATLA)

Sample Pentateuch Ebooks

Skolnik, Fred, and Michael Berenbaum.  Encyclopedia Judaica.  Detroit: Macmillan Reference, 2007.

       Use “Tools” to search within the text

Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament. Revised ed. Edited by G. Johannes Botterweck
     and Helmer Ringgren. Eerdmans, 1977-.  12 vols. BS440 .B5713 1977 Reference, Fl. 1

       Dictionary and semantic analysis of words and synonyms in Old Testament and Rabbinic

Pritchard, James B. Ancient Near Eastern Texts: Relating to the Old Testament. 3rd ed.
     Princeton : Princeton University Press, 1969.  BS1180 .P83 1992   Reference, Fl. 1

       Brings together important historical, legal, mythological, liturgical, and secular texts of the
       ancient Near East, to provide a contextual base for understanding the people, cultures, and
       literature of the Old Testament.


Torah: The Five Books of Moses. Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society of America, 1963.

       BS 1223 1963, Fl 2.


Neusner, Jacob. The Reader's Guide to the Talmud. Leiden: Brill, 2001.

Additional sources about the Talmud

Midrash, etc.

Supplements to the Journal for the Study of Judaism. Leiden: Brill.

Hammer, Reuven. The Classic Midrash: Tannaitic Commentaries on the Bible.
New York: Paulist Press, 1995. BM 512 .C56 1995 Reference, Fl. 1

Additional sources about the Midrash

EBooks about the Documentary Hypothesis

Articles and Book Chapters




Priestly source





Brenner-Idan, Athalya. A Feminist Companion to Genesis. London: Bloomsbury, 1998.

Cook, Joan E. Genesis. New Collegeville Bible Commentary. Old Testament, vol. 2.
     Collegeville, Minnesota: Liturgical Press, 2011.

Brenner-Idan, Athalya, ed. Exodus to Deuteronomy. The Feminist Companion to the Bible.
     Sheffield, England: Sheffield Academic Press, 2000.


Kvam, Kristen E, Linda S Schearing, and Valarie H Ziegler. Eve and Adam : Jewish, Christian,
     and Muslim Readings on Genesis and Gender
Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1999.