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United States History

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Environmental History

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Human ecology 


Kelman, Ari. A River and Its City: The Nature of Landscape in New Orleans. University of California Press, 2003.

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Environmental and natural disasters


Bankoff, Greg, et al. Mapping Vulnerability: Disasters, Development, and People. Earthscan Publications, 2004.

Button, Gregory. Disaster Culture: Knowledge and Uncertainty in the Wake of Human and Environmental Catastrophe. Left Coast Press, 2010.

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oil spills



Otvos, Ervin G, and Gregory A. Carter. "Hurricane Degradation--Barrier Development Cycles, Northeastern Gulf of Mexico: Landform Evolution and Island Chain History." Journal of Coastal Research. (2008): 463-478. (Dauphin Island. Includes references)

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  Effects of human beings on the environment


  DellaSala, Dominick A., ed. Encyclopedia of the
. Oxford England: Elsevier, 2018.
   catalogues the impact of humanity's global ecological footprint

  Jones, E. L. Revealed Biodiversity: An Economic
  History of the Human Impact
. World Scientific,