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Instructional Resources Center (IRC) website with course guides supporting the Division of Teacher Education curriculum.

How to Find Science Resources in the IRC

 Journal articles

Use SHC’s "Electronic databases" and" E-journals by subject" to find full-text articles in scholarly journals.

Begin with these indexes: ERIC, Education Journals,

You can browse these online journals

Science education journals in print in Burke Library                                      
Science activities      Q181 .A1 S29)                                
Science and children. LB1585 .S34
Science scope.          LB1585.3  .S35
School science and mathematics Q1 .S28
NSTA Report             LB1585 .S35


Books, kits, videos, and software

Item Type


Call number begins with


Book Stacks 

C 507-C649, C E, and C FIC

Kits, games, posters

Media Room

Media Sci

Textbooks, activity & method books

Book Stacks

Elementary Sci 372.3     Secondary Sci 500s


Reserve Room



How to search for books

 Use Library of Congress subject headings (see examples below) to search electronic indexes and the online catalog.

 1)      To search the online catalog for Teacher Education Library materials only, begin with the Library Catalog.

2)       Change Library to Teacher Education Library.

3)       Enter subject headings as below, and choose  Subject:     Science Study and teaching Elementary

4)       For a broader search, change Subject to Words or phrase and enter any keywords, joined by the word AND, that best represent the
          topic in which you are interested:      Electricity and experiments
   General topics:     (you can add subheadings Elementary or Secondary)
Earth science
Physical science


   Specific topics such as:





ALEX Alabama Learning Exchange  Alabama Department of Education science education standards Gr. K-12.

NSTA National Science Teachers Association NSTA standards.

Framework for K-12 Science Education The National Research Council


Professional associations, agencies, organizations

The American Association for the Advancement of Science  

National Association for Research in Science Teaching (NARST)  

National Science Education Leadership Association

Lesson Plans

National Science Foundation.  Classroom resources, science grants, hot topics. 

National Science Teachers Association.   Lesson plans, standards-aligned websites, SciPacks, Science objects, SciGuides.

ALEX  Alabama Learning Exchange.  Lesson plans by subject and grade level.

Science education gateway.     Hands-on, inquiry based-lessons for grades K-12.

NASA Educators       For educators and kids interested in NASA people and the national space program.

Birch Aquarium Scripps museum.   Ocean science education and ocean conservation. 

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