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Instructional Resources Center (IRC) website with course guides supporting the Division of Teacher Education curriculum.

Course descriptions

EDU 260 Principles of Educational Psychology. A survey of psychological principles of behavior and learning, basic needs, and the application of these principles to educational practice.

EDU 514 Psychological Interpretations of Learning & Development. Current research and educational applications of theories of learning and development with emphasis on their relationship to educational products, programs, and techniques.

Course assignments

Books, articles, videos

If you wish to narrow your search to just items in the Education Library, change library "Spring Hill College" to "Teacher Education Library."


Subject encyclopedias

Burke Reference Collection. Provide background information, terms, topics, and trends.


In the Burke Library:

Current print periodicals are on the Lower Level.

Reference books and librarian offices are on the 1st floor.

Education books to check out are on 2nd floor in the L’s.