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Instructional Resources Center (IRC) website with course guides supporting the Division of Teacher Education curriculum.

How to find books and articles

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ERIC Descriptors


Search the ERIC database with these subject terms which are grouped by concept.

 1) Narrow search by Full text, Peer-reviewed, Journal articles, Educational level, Date. Change the “or” in the boxes below to “and” or add additional subjects.

2) Use the Thesaurus for more terms.

3) Use one good article to find similar results.

"Phonics" or  "Phonological Awareness"  or   "Phonemes"  or   "Phonemic Awareness"

"Spelling"  or  "Invented Spelling" or  "Graphemes" or  "Phoneme Grapheme Correspondence"

"Reading Skills" or  "Reading Strategies" or   "Reading Comprehension" or “Reading Fluency”

“Speech” or "Speech Skills"  or   "Speech Communication"

"Listening" or “Listening Skills” "Listening Comprehension" or  "Listening Comprehension Tests” or “Discussion Groups”


"Word Lists" or  "Word Recognition" or  "Word Study Skills"

"Writing Skills" or "Process Approach (Writing)" or  "Writing Instruction" or  "Beginning Writing" or  "Childrens Writing" or  "Writing Readiness" or  "Writing ability"



Related courses

EDU 325 The Language Arts Program

EDU 326 Foundations of Reading Instruction

EDU 328 Diagnosis and Adjustment of Reading Instruction

EDU 329 Reading in the Content Areas

EDU 531 Language Development and Activities for Early Childhood Education

EDU 562 Trends and Practices in the Total Reading Program

EDU 563 Analysis and Correction in Reading

EDU 565 Reading in the Content Areas

EDU 575 Essentials of Teaching Reading

EDU 581 Language Arts and Literature in the School Program


Children's books in the content areas

IRC resources

Online catalog subject headings for  language arts themes:

Language arts

English language




Call number areas for shelf- browsing:

kits MEDIA 372.4

activity books ENG 372.4

textbooks ENGTXT 372.6 (general), 372.63 (spelling and vocabulary), 372.634 (handwriting)

children's information books      C 423-428

New children's books in the IRC

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