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Instructional Resources Center (IRC) website with course guides supporting the Division of Teacher Education curriculum.

EDU 329 Reading in the Content Areas

Assists the student in understanding the reading process and in developing skills and habits essential in teaching reading in content areas.

Children's books in the content areas

Books and articles

Sample searches for books and articles:

Reading (Secondary)

Reading (Middle school)

Content area reading

Study skills

Language arts - Correlation with content subjects

(Your teaching field) -- Study and teaching (Secondary)  Example: History -- Study and teaching (Secondary)
                                                                                                           English -- Study and teaching (Secondary)

                                                                                                           Biology  -- Study and teaching (Secondary)

Education Databases

Search for articles in our most popular education databases and general databases.

Search for articles, books, and media all at once.

Search for articles, books, and media all at once.

How to do research effectively

Teacher Education students show how to search databases