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Instructional Resources Center (IRC) website with course guides supporting the Division of Teacher Education curriculum.

How to Find Social Studies Resources

Journal articles     See  Finding Articles.


IRC resources

Item Type


Call number begins with


Book Stacks 

C 900s, C E, and C FIC

Kits, games, posters

Media Room

Media Soc

Textbooks, activity & method books

Book Stacks

Elementary 372.8     Secondary 900s


Reserve Room



Joining the Boston Tea Party / by Diane Stanley   C 973.3 STAN 2001   Information book        
Tattered sails / Verla Kay  C E KAY TATT      Picture book                  
Jacob's rescue : a Holocaust story / Malka Drucker and  Michael Halperin. C FIC DRUC JACO   Fiction book                                                               


Themes of geography [DVD] / produced and directed by Kevin M. Glover. DVD 910 THEM  
How a bill becomes a law [DVD] / written & illustrated by Tom Zilis  DVD 328.73 HOW     

Kits, games, study prints, manipulatives           

Map champ [game]. MEDIA SOC 911 MAP                         
Life in colonial America picture [picture].MEDIA SOC 973.2 LIFE


Neighborhood Map Machine 2.0 [electronic resource] /   CD 911 NEIG
Nystrom outline map library [electronic resource].  CD 912 NYST 

How to search for books        See also Finding Books
  1.  Use Library of Congress subject headings (see examples below) to search electronic indexes and the online catalog.

  2. To search the online catalog for Teacher Education Library materials only, begin at library home

  3. Under Books/Journals/Movies, choose SHC Catalog. Then choose Library: Teacher Education Library.

  4. Enter subject headings as below, and choose  subject:                Social Sciences Study and teaching Elementary 

  5. To broaden your search and find more items, change Subject  to  Words or phrase and enter any keywords, joined by the word “OR”.                                                                                You will retrieve items that are either about Mayas or Incas.   Mayas OR Incas

  6. To narrow your search, use the word “AND”. You will retrieve items that are only about animals living in Africa.   Africa AND animals

  7. To find  specific types of materials: At step 2) above, choose Power Search, click on Type: and select  Books or  Education Kits  or  Electronic Access Software  or  Sound  or  Video.


Sample subject headings

 Social Sciences – Study and teaching      (you can add subheadings Elementary or Secondary)

Geography study and teaching elementary

United States History Study and teaching elementary

Social Sciences and Activity programs

Use time periods (Colonial Period, Revolutionary Period, Civil War, World War I) or cities, regions, or countries (Egypt, Norway, and Paris)  as subjects.  The more specific the subjects and subheadings used, the more specific the results United States--History--Revolution, 1775-1783.  If you're not sure of the subject heading or wish to broaden your search,  use fewer of the sub-headings, such as  United States Revolution, and limit the search to Library: Teacher Education.

 Add subheading Juvenile literature for non-fiction:      Egypt Juvenile literature        Holidays Juvenile literature

 Add subheading Fiction for picture books and novels:            Colonial Period Fiction    Halloween Fiction    Civil War Fiction



 ALEX Alabama Learning Exchange, developed by the Alabama Department of Education. Social studies standards (2004) for Gr. K-12. Standards for Social studies by the National Council for the Social Studies  History standards by the National Center for History in the Schools  National Council for Economic Education  National Council for Geographic Education National Geography Standards and the Five Themes

National Council for the Social Studies   Curriculum standards for Social Studies



 Lesson Plans

 Most of the sites above have lesson planning materials. See also

 Library of Congress Learning Page 

Federally supported teaching and learning resources  Free at



Constitution Day

Constitution Day is September 17. These websites feature free educator resources, including lesson plans, primary sources, and interactive projects.

IRC resources

The IRC has many resources for Constitution day. You can check out information and fiction books, activity books, and media.


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