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Instructional Resources Center (IRC) website with course guides supporting the Division of Teacher Education curriculum.

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Children's Literature Awards

Each year children's literature and young adult literature receive many fine awards. To find out if we own an award-winning book listed in the sites below, search the catalog by title.

Children's books in the content areas

Search for items in Teacher Education Library

Change Spring Hill College to Teacher Education Library.

You'll find books, kits, toys, etc.

If you wish to limit results to books for children/YA only, select "Format: Book" and  "Audience: Juvenile"

Shelf locations of children's books

To browse children’s/YA literature on the shelves-

Picture books  are in the  C E area:

   C E HENK KITT is the call number for Kevin Henkes’ book Kitten's first full moon.

Intermediate and young adult books are in C FIC:

   C FIC DICA BECA is the call number for Kate DiCamillo’s  Because of Winn-Dixie.

Most historical fiction, fantasy, and realistic fiction are found in C FIC. You will need to use the online catalog to find these 3 genres. See below Genres and Realistic Fiction.

Non-fiction / Informational books for children begin with C, followed by three or more numbers:

    A tree is a plant / by Clyde Robert Bulla   C 583 BULL 2001

Traditional literature (fairy tales, myths, legends):              C 398.2’s.

Poetry, including collections by author and theme:   C 811’s.        

Biographies are found mainly in in the nonfiction subject area that the person represents.

   For example, you will find biographies about authors under the subject heading Authors, and a biography about a scientist under the subject heading Scientists.

   The amazing life of Benjamin Franklin C 973.3 GIBL 2000  is in the 973s -United States History.

Award winners, biographies, and holiday books can be identified on the shelves by the sticker on the book spine.

Dewey Decimal System

The ten main classes of the Dewey Decimal Classification system

000        Computers, information & general reference

100        Philosophy & psychology

200        Religion

300        Social sciences

400        Language

500        Science

600        Technology

700        Arts & recreation

800        Literature         

900        History and geography



Genres in children's literature  

Some genres are simple to search for in the library catalog. Poetry books (C 811 area) are found in the online catalog under the subjects children’s poetry. Fantasy  books (C E or C Fic) are found under Fantasy. Other genres require a little more thought.
Realistic Fiction  Use subject headings such as: schools,  family,  friendship,  prejudices,  mystery and detective stories, animals (or dogs or cats, etc.), sports (or baseball, basketball, etc.).  Subject: Schools AND fiction 
Traditional literature is found in the C 398.2’s.  Search subjects such as:
  fairy tales, tales, folklore, mythology, legends, or legendary character. 



Find resources for your storytelling presentation in the Teacher Education Library. 

Media   Hand puppets are located on the puppet tree. Kits, games, pictures, and art prints are in the Media Room.

Follow-up activities   Get ideas from activity books located at the end of the English textbook section. Search for this type of book in the catalog by combining keywords with the subheadings (Study and teaching) or (Activity programs.)

Fables (study and teaching)  

Drama AND (Activities)

Oral Reading